4 Facts to Know About Hair Transplant

The method or technique adoption in the hair transplant surgery is basically patient’s dependent. It is decided by the patient’s status of hair loss, the present grade of NW-baldness, the type of hair, the available donor strength and the last, but not least the expected density to be covered. However, the method selected in the hair restoration procedure, either it is FUT or through the FUE is an evaluative decision that cannot be taken in a random turn. So, it is up to your expert surgeon that how well he evaluates the state of your hair loss in order to confirm the aesthetic output via the feasible technique for the particular grade or state of baldness. The hair transplant in Jaipur may be a good option to receive the procedure due to the benefits of the expert surgeon’s availability, standard facilities of the recognized clinics along with the advantage of the budget-cost treatment available in the Pink City of India.

Following is the quick list of prerequisites for the hair implantation procedure:

  1. Age of the patient: The patient who is expecting the surgery must above the age of 25 in order to achieve the best cosmetic effect of the procedure. The donor state, i.e., the reverse sides of the scalp is not in a stable state in the teenage period and this is the reason why surgeons postponed the decision about hair restoration surgery for younger patients. It is needed to have a stable donor state to receive the permanent outcomes with the permanent hair roots.
  2. The available grade of baldness: The available Norwood grade of baldness generally categorized into 7 categories depends on the extent of baldness. The available grade decides the technique or method of the hair restoration as the greater grade always needs the FUT hair transplant surgery. The lesser grade can be solved with the FUE method of the extraction and in this way; the chosen technique decides the cost of the procedure as well.
  3. The present Donor condition: Is your baldness caused by alopecia areata/spot baldness or the genetic one?

This is needed to be considered while choosing the option of restoration or the technique of the hair transplantation. It is an important aspect of the surgical procedure that what is the state of donor areas as it must be stable over time and the hair loss has been attained the stable form and the patient is above the age of 25.

  1. The Type of Hair: This factor also plays a pivotal role in deciding role in the hair restoration procedure. This is the hair that decides the adaptability as well as the feasibility of receiving the particular restoration technique. Type of hair affects the technique in terms of extraction and coarse or wavy hair is not suitable for receiving the FUE technique because of the increased chances of splaying as well as different angle and direction of curly hair roots.

The steps apart from the extraction jobs are all about the artistic concerns that include the slit formation, hairline designing, and the graft implantation. The artistic parts of the surgery are all same in both the hair restoration technique and play a major role in deciding the hair transplant success. The goal of the surgery is to achieve the results that look completely unnoticeable mainly in terms of the hairline design on the front parts of the scalp.

The hair restoration surgery gives you a completely natural look as well as natural regrowth of hair from the areas where the hair had been lost and improves the facial appeal of patients. It is also an ideal way to conceal bald patches, spot marks, burnt skin and accidental scars as well.

The procedure of hair transplant in India is a prominent option because of the availability of the best surgeon, treatment as well as facilities at a reasonable price. The cities like Delhi & Jaipur is becoming a very popular choice since it is considered as the cosmetic hub in India famous worldwide.


If you are seeking the solution to your hair loss problems, you are welcome to join the medical tourism in India and get the benefits of the cost-effective treatment with a remarkable aesthetic result.