Bad Habit Of Drug Abuse


According to latest reports around 24 million of people in USA are into the practice of substance abuse. This kind of substance abuse includes all the categories of alcohol and drugs. Drug abuse is not only taxing for the abuser himself but also for his families, friends and well wishers. Drug abuse is a very serious problem affecting the mental, psychological and physical health of the abuser. Many dangers are associated with drug abuse ranging from financial crisis to family separations and even domestic violence. The people who are severely addicted to drugs and alcohol should immediately seek medical help from the lighthouse rehab in Orange County.

Treatment Options

There are two treatment options available for the drug abusers. Below is the brief description:

Outpatient – In this treatment the patient is free to live his regular life and fulfill his responsibilities. He can stay at his home provided he has to undergo proper medication and regular doctor checkups. The patient can fulfill his family responsibilities and work commitments as he was doing regularly. This treatment option is best suited for the patients who are in initial stages of drug abuse. This option requires the patient to practice more self control and patience during the process of withdrawal. The concerned team of experts is always available for the patient. He can approach the doctors anytime in case of any emergency. This treatment option is very cost effective as compared to inpatient treatment option.

Inpatient – In this treatment option the patient is taken to a clinical setup and put under medical observation till the time he is completely cured of the drug abuse addiction. The patient is admitted for duration of 28 to 90 days depending upon his addiction conditions. During his stay along with medications the patient is also given various counseling sessions and therapies to enable him to recover at a faster rate. The patients would be provided a series of facilities and amenities which are necessary for a treatment of substance abuse in a clinical setup.

Treatment Process

Intake – The first step includes admission of the patient in the clinical facility. After completion of regular admin formalities, the patient is asked about describe details about his addiction habits. Details like substance used for addiction, duration of addiction, quantity of dosage, etc. various inter personal discussions are also undertaken to determine the personal problems of the patient, his urges and his cravings.

Detoxification – The second step initiates the detoxification process of the patient. Detoxification is undertaken to control the withdrawal process. Patients who have severe addiction can have longer duration of detoxification process as compared to the lesser addicted ones.

Treatment – The patient along with medication is also been provided various behavioral counseling sessions. Many therapies are also conducted for the patients in order to support them emotionally and psychologically to combat drug addiction.

Education – Education is a very strong tool when it comes to drug addiction. Motivational lectures are being delivered to the patients to understand the consequences of drug abuse.

Aftercare – Even once the treatment is completed, the medical teams of the patient keeps on organizing various lectures and rehab education camps. Patients can visit them from time to time to keep them self motivated.


Drug abuse is definitely a very bad habit to indulge into. It can have various side effects and some are even life threatening.