DreamCloud Sleep Discount – useful in buying mattresses for side sleepers

You are lucky when you sleep on your side because you have a lot of options for this position. I believe that it is healthier to sleep on your side than sleeping on your tummy or back because it will allow your spine to lie naturally. Aside from that, it is also a good position because it will prevent you from snoring. I know very well that it is difficult to sleep with a partner, who snores. No matter how comfortable your mattress is, you will surely get disturbed due to the sound your partner is producing.

Anyway, as a side sleeper, you should be very meticulous with your mattress. It has to be firm and is designed with high quality materials. If possible, it must have a support system made from steel coil. Do you know that mattresses for side sleeper are expensive? Let’s say that it may range from $1,000 – $5,000. With such price, you would surely need discount coupons which you can get at http://dreamcloudmattresscoupon.discount/. You can find a lot of mattress manufacturers and resellers, and the DreamCloud is one among the companies, giving promotional offers.

Aside from that, you should also consider the warranty coverage that the manufacturer provides. Some offer a warranty of 5 to 10 years. Well, that is an opportunity that you should grab. So, now that you have a choice about what mattress to buy. We have here some information on various sleeping positions of side sleepers.

The Log Sleeping Position

An individual, who is sleeping like a log, is surely enjoying his mattress. In fact, 15% of side sleepers sleep on a log position. Here the torso of your body is usually in a straight position and then, your arms are also straight, directed downwards and follows your body line. Of course, your legs are also straight.

What’s really nice with the log, is that, your spines are lying straight. Therefore, it helps in maintaining a good body posture. Aside from that, it also helps in reducing the risk of acid reflux formation in your system as well as preventing you to snore at night.

The Fetal Sleeping Position

Have you heard your mom or dad telling you that when you are sleeping, you sleep like you are still a baby? Such position refers to the fetal side sleeping position. This is actually the most common type of side sleeping positions. In fact, 41% of side sleepers are sleeping like this because they find it really comfortable.

With this position, you usually bend your knees upwards going in the direction of your chest. Can you imagine how a baby looks like in a mother’s womb? That is how you sleep. But, this may cause you some pains in your joints, especially after a long sleep. By the way, it would be best to put a pillow between your legs for the alignment of your spine as well as to reduce pressure on your hips and lower back pain.

The Yearner Sleeping Position

So, how would you enjoy your mattress, when you are a side sleeper in a yearner position? About 13% of side sleepers sleep in this position. Here, your body lying straight just like the log position. But, your arms are actually lying away from your body. It’s like your arms are yearning or reaching for something. What are you dreaming about that made you yearn, anyway? Check this out.

And then, with this sleeping position, your legs are also somewhat in a straight position, but your knees are slightly bent. In my opinion, this one is better than the fetal position because it will prevent you from feeling pains in your joints. This will also help you reduce snoring as well as other sleeping issues like the apnea.

In my opinion, it would be nice for a side sleeper to have this yearning position because it will not only send you into a deep and comfortable sleep. But, it will also help you in maintaining the alignment of your spine. Pretty sure that you will enjoy your mattress. Just make sure that your mattress is not old enough or too soft because that will spoil your sleep and bring you discomfort. So, better use your coupons and buy a mattress for your body needs.