Next step to Parenthood-Giving a Chance to IVF

As the title suggests In vitro fertilization or test tube baby is nothing short of a miracle. A few decades back who would have imagined that people with serious infertility problem would be able to conceive and have a baby. But with the help of this revolutionary procedure, it is possible, and millions of people have benefitted from this.

No doubt IVF treatment is quite costly and there is a general belief that it is mostly afforded by the upper class. But it is totally a misconception as IVF cost in Mumbai is highly affordable and scores of people with weaker financial background are availing it.

Mumbai, the city of dreams has made the impossible possible for thousands of people. The same holds true for people who are having issues with becoming a parent due to some or the other reason. Here you can avail the service of the top IVF Centre in Mumbai that too at an economical cost.

Why is Mumbai considered the best place for IVF treatment?

Well, there are many factors that work in favor of Mumbai and we have briefly discussed them below.

  • Firstly, there are hundreds of clinics and hospitals that offer fertility treatment. So, it gives you an option of choosing the best IVF center in Mumbai according to your preference and budget.


  • Yes, we are talking about the budget as you will find a big variation in the price where IVF treatment is concerned. This is so because high-end clinics and hospitals will offer this treatment at a premium and you might have to shell out more than Rs.300000.00 for a single cycle.

However, there are other clinics that are on the other end of the spectrum that offer this same treatment at pocket-friendly prices. But be rest assured that you will get good treatment at these clinics.

  • Secondly, a lot of top doctors prefer practicing in Mumbai as it is a big urban city teeming with people. Apart from this, the city is easily accessible for international patients who come from far for this treatment. So, the doctors find a lot of opportunities and exposure here. You will be surprised to know that the best IVF doctors are available in Mumbai.


  • Lastly, as Mumbai is the most modern city in India it keeps itself abreast with the latest medical procedures and techniques. This works well for the patients as they are assured to get world-class treatment and thus boost their chances of becoming a parent.

How can IVF help patients suffering from infertility?

Usually, IVF is considered if you are suffering from any of these issues:

  • Damage to the fallopian tubes
  • Ovulation problems due to PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)
  • Low sperm count
  • Endometriosis
  • If you or your partner have been sterilized
  • Suffering from a hereditary genetic disorder which you want to avoid passing to your child

Does IVF have a high success rate?

The success rate of IVF is around 40% and you may need a couple of cycles to get positive results. However, there are many advanced treatments that boost the IVF procedure like ICSI, Frozen embryo transfer, Laser Assisted Hatching, Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) and many more.

As there is no guarantee that you will conceive in the first cycle itself, many IVF centres in Mumbai provide packages that include 2 IVF cycles. This is a good option as you pay quite less as compared to two separate IVF cycles.

See with every passing year the treatment is getting more and more advanced and with that, the success rate is also increasing.

According to Dr. Mohit Saraogi the fertility expert at Saraogi Hospital you can achieve 70% success rate for IVF if it is done by the Freeze-all method. It is a new technology wherein the doctor does not transfer the fresh embryos but on the contrary, freezes them. Then after around two months, the frozen embryos are transferred after thawing them. This technique is opted by around 90% of their patients as it gives wonderful results.

And the best part is they offer this treatment at a very affordable cost which ranges from Rs.135000.00 to 150000.00.

What criteria should be kept in mind while choosing the IVF centre?

Before zeroing down on any IVF centre for your treatment it is highly necessary you do the necessary research about the credibility of the clinic and its IVF specialist. Also, you must check their success rate of live birth. This will help you make a right choice.

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